Autel MD802 OBD2 Auto Diagnostic Tool Code Reader Scanner

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Autel MD802 MaxiDiag Elite Diagnostic Tool for ABS, Engine, Transmission, Airbag, EPB, Oil Service Reset

The MaxiDiag Elite 802 can read and clear codes on all available modules on domestic, Asian and European vehicles (1996 to present). Performs deep vehicle system coverage for all available electronic systems and access to the body, chassis, powertrain and on-board communication modules. The MD802 also supports all five OBDII Protocols and all 10 test modes.

  • 50 Plus Module coverage
  • Read and erase codes on all powertrain, chassis, body and communication and information modules
  • Compatible with most domestic, Asian and European vehicles (1996 and newer)
  • Live Data Graphing for all modules
  • One-click erase all codes feature
  • Automatic VIN Acquisition
  • Perform oil light/maintenance reset
  • Perform electronic parking brake testing and maintenance
  • Life-time of free internet software updates
  • Report printing to document pre and post- vehicle repair status

Autel Maxidiag Elite MD802 OBD2 Diagnostic Tool Code Reader Scanner + DS Model


  1. One tool to do it all. Reads and clears trouble codes on engine, transmission , airbag, and ABS failures.
  2. .Turns off engine, transmission, ABS, and airbag warning lights.
  3. Reads live datastream and freeze frame.
  4. Supports all 10 test modes of the latest J1979 OBD II test specs,including Read Codes, Erase Codes, Live Data, Freeze Frame,I/M Readiness, O2 Mon.Test, On-Board Mon.Test, Component Test and Vehicle Information.
  5. Enhanced OBD II Mode
  6. OBD II code tips guide technicians to the root cause of trouble codes faster.
  7. Data graphing.
  8. FREE software updates.
  9. Prints data via PC-link.
  10. Global OBD II coverage (US, Asian, & European).
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