Aver VB342+ All-in-One USB Conference Camera and Soundbar

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AVer VB342+ All-in-One Huddle Room 4K Ultra HD Camera and Audio

SmartSpeaker Instantly Identifies Speakers

Highly sensitive SmartSpeaker Tracking pinpoints speakers wherever they are in the room, cutting through noise to zoom in on the human voice. Also, SmartSpeaker’s 6-meter diameter pickup range saves wasted time moving speakers closer to the microphone.

  • Conference Ready: Enterprise-grade 4K Ultra HD conference camera designed for business-grade video meetings in meeting rooms and small conference rooms. The VB342 + uses high-quality Sony sensors and multi-lens glass to produce the sharpest, most accurate color there is. Supports ULTRA HD 4k, 1080p, and 720p.
  • Distortion-free 120 ° angle of view – The VB342 + has the widest possible field of view with zero distortion. Perfect for growing room environments where assistants are closer to the lens, but sit on the edge or outside of the cameras normal field of view. Motorized tilt / tilt extends FOV even further: up to 180 °.
  • Smart Frame Technology – Automatically frames people based on facial recognition and optimizes color and light for human faces with a single click.
  • Amazing audio – connect to smartphones or PCs as a speaker. 2 one-way microphones support up to a 19.7 ft jack and a full duplex speakerphone with echo cancellation and noise suppression effectively captures audio throughout the entire room. Volume up to 96 dB SPL at 1 / 6.6 ft. Supports an optional expansion microphone if you like to go further.
  • Zoom Certificate. Works with all your favorite applications including Zoom, Adobe Connect, BlueJeans, CyberLink U Meeting, Cisco WebEx, fuze, Google Hangout, GoToMeeting, Intel Unite, LiveOn, Microsoft Lync, Skype, Skype for Business, TrueConf, V-Cube, Vidyo, vMix, WebRTC, Wirecast and XSplit.

Avocor Interactive Displays

The AVer VB342+ is an affordable, professional-grade USB soundbar optimized to deliver a next generation audio and camera experience to your huddle room. It’s compatible with all your favorite apps connecting to virtually any desktop or laptop, via a single USB cable.

AVer VB342+ features

  • Amazingly sharp accurate color up to 4K.  It’s just like being there. The VB342 uses high quality sensors and multi-lens glass to product the sharpest and most accurate color…ever.
  • 12-foot voice pickup that’s perfect for huddle spaces.  Advanced array microphones full duplex speakerphone effectively captures audio throughout the space. Optional expansion mics will further extend your reach.
  • Viewable area of 165 degrees from motorized pan and tilt.  Easily captures whiteboard on the side wall, up to 3 presents.
  • Distortionless 94 degree wide angle with 4X zoom.  You have the ability to zoom in up to 4X with minimal loss of quality since its 4K.
  • Bass port stereo speakers that are professionally tuned.  Optimized for the highest level of communication, voice coming from remote is natural and smooth.
  • Elegantly streamlined for clean installation.  Cable management and wall mount bracket hide all cables.
  • BYOD (Bring your own device) friendly USB to HDMI TV display.  A single USB 3.0 cable to V342 resolves camera, speakerphone, and TV HDMI connection via the built-in DisplayLink.

We’ve been waiting for this this camera/audio all-in-one to come out, since we first heard about it. We’ve also been lucky enough to have one in our office for the past few weeks – and let me tell you – it has blown us away. This is one very slick unit, with perfect UltraHD picture, smooth operation and flawless audio. We’ve some a few all-in-one units over the years, and they’ve run the gamete from bad to great – and the AVer VB342 is on the great side of that equation.

One of things that really struck us when we first got our hands on it, was just well designed it is. I looks great, and has the wider shape we have come to expect with all-in-one design. It fits perfectly with either single or dual display setup, and is easily mounted.

The NEW AVer VB342 All-in-One

Features of the AVer VB342

Ultra-HD 4K Resolution Finally the term “Like looking through glass” can be used. The VB342 uses high quality sensors and multi-lens glass to produce the sharpest and most accurate color ever.

180o viewable area from the motorized pan and tilt capabilities, easily allowing you to control what is shown, and easily managed with three presets

Distortion-free with 94o viewing angle and 5x zoom You can zoom in up to 5x minimal quality lost because this is 4K

Audio that works! The sound is perfect, with professionally tuned bass port stereo speakers, that have been optimized for voice communications. Your online participants will sound like they are actually in the room.

Excellent voice pick-up even up to 12 feet away. Advanced array microphones, with full duplex speakerphone, effectively capture audio through the entire room. Need to extend it out? AVer has an extension mic specifically designed for the VB342.

Easy installation & Plays “nice” with your 4K HDMI display USB 3.0 and DisplayLink connection makes for an easy installation for any room or huddle space.

Compatible Applications

  • Adobe Connect, Blue Jeans, Cisco WebEx®, Google Hangout, GoToMeeting™, Intel®Unite™, Microsoft® Lync™, Skype™, Skype for Business, V-Cube, vMix, WebRTC, Wirecast, XSplit, ZOOM


The NEW AVer VB342 All-in-One

The NEW AVer VB342 All-in-One



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