Karcher High Pressure Washer K 7 Premium Full Control Plus

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  • Full control plus trigger gun: control the pressure and detergent flow of the pressure washer using the +/- symbols located on the back of the high pressure trigger gun.
  • 3-In-1 lance makes cleaning fast. The lance includes the: vario, dirt blaster & detergent settings all in one, meaning you never have to change your lance in between cleaning different areas.
  • Included accessories: T450 for cleaning large areas of patios & Decking, and a 1L stone & façade detergent.
  • On-board storage: Telescopic handle, storage for the high pressure gun, full control lances and cable. The hose can be wound in after use onto the integrated hose reel.
  • The karcher K7 premium full control home comes complete with a 5 year Warranty.

Karcher High Pressure Washer K 7 Premium Full Control Plus

The K7 series from Karcher has always been the top class of Kärcher high pressure cleaners for private users. These high pressure cleaner models impress with maximum performance up to 180 bar and best cleaning results – even with the most stubborn dirt. The selection ranges from the compact space saver K7 Compact up to the current Full Control Plus models. K7 Premium are equipped with a practical hose drum.

Karcher K7 high-pressure cleaner - range overview K 7
K2 Full Control K2 Premium Full Control K4 Full Control K4 Premium Full Control K5 Premium Full Control Plus K7 Premium Full Control Plus
Max Bar Pressure 110 Bar 110 Bar 130 Bar 130 Bar 145 Bar 160 Bar
Max Flow Rate 360 l/hr 360 l/hr 420 l/hr 420 l/hr 500 l/hr 600 l/hr
Area Cleaned (Square Metres per Hour) 20 20 30 30 40 60
High Pressure Hose Length 4 m 6 m 6 m 6 m 8 m 10 m
Hose Storage On Board Storage On Board Storage On Board Storage Integrated Hose Reel Integrated Hose Reel Integrated Hose Reel
High Pressure Spray Gun Standard Standard Full Control Power Gun Full Control Power Gun Full Control Plus Power Gun Full Control Plus Power Gun
Detergent Application Suction Tube Integrated Detergent Tank Plug n Clean System Plug n Clean System Plug n Clean System Plug n Clean System
Motor Type Air Cooled Air Cooled Water Cooled Water Cooled Water Cooled Water Cooled
Water Suction

How to use the Karcher K7 high pressure washer step by step.

Using the Karcher K7 step by step

  1. Place the machine in a flat place .

    Take the pressure hose, insert it through the guide that brings the machine itself and pull it.

  2. Take the gun and the high pressure hose and insert the latter in the only possible place .

    Male and female, I squeezed until I heard a click, it will mean that it has been fitted.

    Pull the hose, without going too clear, to check that it has been effectively fitted.

  3. Water supply to the high pressure washer .

    Take the coupling shown in the picture and screw it in the place designed for it in the machine. Then insert the hose into this coupling and open the tap to check that it is perfectly coupled.

  4. Insert the spray lance to the hand gun.

    For this we simply rotate it to 90º. Once it is connected, we will connect the device. Next we unlock the gun. This will be achieved by pressing the lever of the gun and then releasing said lever since otherwise the device will turn off.

  5. We place the detergent in its place.

    To do this, first remove the lid of the bottle with the Plug ‘n’ Clean system . We place the bottle face down in the hole that the pressure washer incorporates for it.

    It is necessary for dosing detergent to use the Vario Power dosing lance.

Then turn the dosing lance until you mark the same “MIX” and the LED “MIX” lights up on the gun.

As the house itself advises regarding the proper use of the detergent, first spray the surface directly with it while it is dry. Next, we will let it act but without letting it dry. Finally, apply the water jet removing the dirt completely.

  1. Interruptions when using the pressure washer.

    The first thing you must do to stop it is to release the lever of the gun and lock it to prevent it from being accidentally activated. Then place both the gun and the dosing lance in “parking position”. Place reserved in the pressure washer to place them. Kärcher advises that for stops of more than five minutes, disconnect the machine by placing it in the “0 / OFF” position.

  1. Clean the screen in the water supply .

    It is necessary to extract the sieve from time to time and clean it conveniently. Be careful not to damage it by removing it and putting it back in its place.

  2. Change the batteries of the gun .

    The last recommendation of use would be to change the batteries or used batteries of the pistol when it corresponds. ( You need two AAA size batteries ).


How do the K4 and K5 stack up agains the rest of the Kaecher pressure washer range, this handy graphic shows below.


Information on Karcher K7 Premium Full Control Plus High-pressure Washer:

Technical Data
Pressure (bar/MPa) 20-180/2-18
Flow rate (l/h) 600
Area performance (m²/h) 60
Feed pressure max. (bar) 6
Feed temperature max. (° C) up to 60°
Feed volume max. (l/min) 12
Suction height max. (m) 0.5
Connected load (kW) 3,0
Voltage (V) 230
Frequency (Hz) 50
Mains fuse (A) 16 (slow-blow)
Weight without accessories (kg) 17.6
Dimensions (L x B x H) (mm) 463 x 330 x 667

Karcher K7 Pressure Washer
What’s In The Box?

  • Full Control Plus High Pressure Gun
  • 3-in-1 Multijet lance
  • High-pressure hose, 10m
  • T450 Patio Cleaner
  • Patio & Deck detergent



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